FLfeaturedWe understand that navigating life’s milestones can be a daunting task. Whether considering a pre-nuptial agreement, divorce, custody or visitation matter, adopting a child, looking for a surrogate, or considering assisted reproduction, we have a full range of services available  to advise and assist you.

At Bolen Robinson & Ellis, we are known for compassionately yet aggressively representing our clients in some of the most difficult, and rewarding life situations. Our practice is not limited to only dissolution of marriage and related issues. We also practice adoption and reproductive law with a focus on meeting the needs of both clients and birth parents.

The attorneys at BRE Law work diligently to represent our clients both in and out of the courtroom. We are professional and aggressive while remaining compassionate and caring. Unlike many attorneys that practice family law only part time, the family law attorneys at BRE Law are dedicated to this area of practice. We distinguish ourselves from other attorneys by diligently attempting to resolve cases and minimize attorney fees. We acknowledge that hiring an attorney to handle such sensitive, life-changing matters can be overwhelming. It is our job to guide our clients through the process by educating them as to their options and choices. Our lawyers work to minimize stress and confusion of clients by creating an open and direct stream of communication. Our attorneys dedicate themselves to listening to our clients, focusing on their needs and balancing those needs with legal matters to achieve our clients’ goals. Whenever major life events come your way, we are here to help.

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BRE Law facilitates private adoptions of infants and children. We also provide legal services for second parent adoption and surrogacy contacts.


This area of family law may involve sole custody or joint custody agreements, as well as establishing parenting time (visitation), child support or educational expenses.


Divorce, or dissolution of marriage or civil union, and separation agreements fall into this area of family law.


If you are under investigation with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), BRE Law can help you to navigate the administrating hearing system.


Mediation in a family law matter helps the parties to reach an agreement. Mediation is used in dissolution, separation, child custody and visitation matters.


Guardianship designates a legal guardian to care for another person and make decisions on their behalf. Guardianship can be for a child, or a disabled or incapacitated adult.