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For decades, 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (“THF”) has been purchased and used by consumers across the country. Typically sold in attention-grabbing, yellow five-gallon buckets, 303 THF is seen by many as an attractive, lower-cost alternative to the more expensive hydraulic fluids recommended and sold by equipment manufacturers. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

According to lawsuits filed by 303 THF purchasers in Missouri, Iowa, and elsewhere, 303 THF has been deceptively marketed, labeled, and advertised for many years. The lawsuits allege that 303 THF does not actually meet certain equipment manufacturers specifications, despite labels asserting otherwise. In part because the 303 THF may not meet equipment manufacturer specifications, the lawsuits allege that 303 THF may not provide certain anti-wear and protective benefits as advertised on the labels of 303 THF. In all actuality, 303 THF may actually harm the very equipment it is used on.

Likely for the same reasons those purchasers filed lawsuits, the State of Missouri recently banned the sale of 303 THF.

What is 303 THF?

303 THF is a multifunctional lubricant which has been manufactured and used in tractors and equipment for over fifty (50) years. It is designed to act as a hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, and gear oil for various types of equipment.

Why is 303 THF purchased?

Manufacturers and sellers promote and advertise 303 THF as a lower cost alternative to hydraulic fluids recommended by equipment manufacturers. Purchasers often buy 303 THF because of that lower cost and because 303 THF labels and advertisements often state that 303 THF meets many manufacturer specifications, contains effective lubricant and anti-wear additives, and is safe for use in purchasers’ hydraulic equipment.

However, according to the lawsuits, 303 THF may not actually meet those manufacturer specifications, may not contain effective lubricant and anti-wear additives, and may not be safe for use in purchasers’ equipment. Conversely, 303 THF may actually harm purchasers’ equipment since many modern 303 THF formulas use poor quality ingredients in order to increase profits.

Who purchases 303 THF?

303 THF is often purchased by those in the agriculture and construction industries. But anyone with any type of hydraulic equipment may have purchased and used the product.

Where is 303 THF sold?

303 THF is sold by many retailers, including retailers such as Tractor Supply, Rural King, and even Walmart.

I’ve purchased and used 303 THF. What now?

If you’ve purchased and used 303 THF, you may have unknowingly become a victim of what the lawsuits allege is deceptive advertising and corporate greed. Your equipment may have even been harmed without you realizing that 303 THF may be to blame.

At BRE Law, we are actively investigating 303 THF. If you or someone you know has purchased 303 THF, please contact us to schedule a free in-person or phone consultation regarding your legal rights.

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