Decatur IL Lawyers: Zach Anderson, Matt Spain, Chris Ellis, Steve Mayberry, Shane Mendenhall, Josh Rohrscheib, Nrupa Patel, Steve Wood, Jon Robinson, and Drew Hickey

Bottom Left to Right: Nrupa Patel (Partner); Steve Wood (Of Counsel); Jon Robinson (Managing Partner); Drew Hickey (Partner).

Top Left to Right: Zach Anderson (Law Clerk); Matt Spain (Partner); Chris Ellis (Managing Partner); Steve Mayberry (Partner); Shane Mendenhall (Former Partner); Josh Rohrscheib (Partner). 

Merger of Two Central Illinois Law Firms

The partners at Bolen Robinson & Ellis are pleased to announce a merger with the Sullivan law firm of Wood & Mayberry. The merger became effective on January 1, 2018, after the two firms previously announced an association.

The merger developed after Steve Wood, the founding partner of Wood & Mayberry, began to consider reducing his schedule while still being able to serve clients as he has for more than 40 years. After speaking to Jon Robinson, a founding partner of Bolen Robinson & Ellis, Steve realized that merging the two firms would give his clients access to additional “services with an expanded younger staff.” Now that the merger is complete, Steve has transitioned to an “of counsel” status.

We are very pleased to have Steve Wood, Steve Mayberry, and the Sullivan staff join our firm. In addition to adding two exceptional lawyers to our firm, the merger permits us to maintain offices in both Decatur and Sullivan. This will enable Moultrie County residents to receive the same full range of legal services already offered to residents of Macon County by BRE Law. Those services include: personal injury, criminal law, family law, business services, estate planning, municipal law, real estate, and class action work.

If you have any questions about this merger or desire to speak with an attorney regarding a legal issue, please contact us.


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