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Although officially formed in July 2004, Bolen Robinson & Ellis is the culmination of the merger and expansion of one of the oldest law firms in Central Illinois. In 1971, Jon D. Robinson joined the Decatur law firm of Hull, Campbell & Robinson. In 2004, Mr. Robinson and T. G. Bolen, who had practiced law in Central Illinois since 1960, teamed with Christopher M. Ellis, who had recently returned home to Decatur after practicing at large law firms in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, to form Bolen Robinson & Ellis, LLP, a full-service law firm.

Quick growth ensued, resulting in BRE Law hiring Mt. Zion native Shane Mendenhall following his graduation from law school in Oklahoma. Drew Hickey and Matthew Spain joined the firm a few years later, with Josh Rohrscheib joining in 2015. Collectively, Drew, Matt, and Josh have greatly helped BRE Law expand its local presence.

2017 brought a period of exceptional growth. Former prosecutor Nrupa Patel joined the firm as a Partner in June of 2017, with a goal of helping the firm expand into criminal law. Sha Kelly also joined the firm as a Partner in 2017, brining with her years of experience in healthcare law.

BRE Law also began an association with the Sullivan law firm of Wood & Mayberry in 2017, leading to the two firms to merge effective January 1, 2018. The merger added two exceptional attorneys to BRE Law: Steve Wood and Steve Mayberry. In addition, BRE Law now operates offices in both Decatur and Sullivan.

Our exceptional lawyers and multiple offices permit us to serve individuals, businesses, and municipalities throughout Central Illinois. Utilizing the work ethic and character forged by small town beginnings, we have achieved – and will continue to achieve – exceptional results for our clients on both a local level and a national scale.

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From simple wills and trusts to the complex nature of a class action lawsuit, the attorneys of BRE Law will guide you through the legal process. You can trust our decades of experience and expertise. Learn more about the areas our lawyers practice in:

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Flannell joins BRE Law after a lengthy career serving as Moultrie County’s Resident Circuit Judge, as well as Chief Judge of the six counties comprising the 6th Judicial Circuit of Illinois.

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