Dicamba Lawsuits

Dicamba is an extremely powerful herbicide commonly used by farmers across the country. According to lawsuits, Dicamba has a tendency to “drift” away from the area in which it was sprayed. This “drift” can cause damage to fields of farmers who do not plant Dicamba resistant crops. One such lawsuit recently resulted in a $265 million verdict for a Missouri farmer who blamed Dicamba drift for destroying his peach orchards.

Dicamba “Drift” lawsuits are not targeting farmers.

The lawsuits concerning Dicamba drift are not aimed against farmers who sprayed Dicamba. Instead, they are aimed at Monsanto (now Bayer) and BASF under a number of legal theories, including allegations that directions created for those using the product were impossible to follow as well as allegations that Dicamba was sold with the knowledge that it would cause damage to other farmers’ fields when sprayed which would eventually induce those farmers with damaged crops to purchase Dicamba-resistant seeds to avoid future damage.

Coming Soon: Dicamba “Drift” town hall meetings.

BRE Law is proud to partner with Don Downing of the St. Louis based law firm Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C. in representing Central Illinois farmers who have suffered damage as a result of Dicamba drift. BRE Law and Don recently partnered in a class action lawsuit against Syngenta which resulted in a $1.51 billion settlement and is believed to be the largest agricultural related settlement in American history.

BRE Law and Don Downing anticipate holding town hall meetings in Central Illinois communities to inform folks about Dicamba drift lawsuits between the dates of March 18-20 at times to be determined. If you might be interested in joining, please RSVP for additional information. Likewise, if you believe you have suffered damage attributable to Dicamba drift, please contact BRE Law to find out how you may pursue compensation for your damages.

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