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Over the last couple of years, corn producers across the United States sued Syngenta. Those lawsuits alleged that Syngenta’s premature and irresponsible commercialization and misrepresentations related to the sale of corn seed containing genetic traits MIR 162 (sold as Agrisure Viptera) and Event 5307 (sold as Agrisure Duracade) caused all corn producers who priced U.S. corn on or after November 18, 2013 to receive a lower price for that corn than they should have.

Because of BRE Law’s location in the heart of America’s corn belt, BRE Law Partner and Mt. Zion native Chris Ellis has always felt a strong obligation to protect the interests of local farmers. Thus as corn producers across the country filed lawsuits against Syngenta, Chris knew that he had to act in order to inform local farmers that they may have been harmed by corporate greed.

As a result of Chris’s initial outreach to local farmers, his extensive complex litigation and class action experience, and the strategic location of BRE Law, Chris was appointed to the leadership committee of the Syngenta Corn Litigation by a Federal Judge in Kansas.

Today, the Syngenta Corn Litigation has been consolidated into a certified class action case: In re Syngenta MIR162 Corn Litigation, Civil Case No. 14-md-2591-JWL-JPO (D. Kan.). Two of Chris’s clients were selected to be Class Representatives in the Syngenta class action, meaning that those two local farmers will be representing the interests of Illinois corn producers as the litigation proceeds.

BRE Law and Chris are extremely proud to protect the interests of local farmers. If you are a corn producer, farmer, or have a general interest in learning more about the class action lawsuit, please visit the Class Action website.

Published March 2, 2017


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