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Large corporations prefer to fight consumers one at a time – a class action lawsuit levels the playing field and provides individuals with leverage against corporations that financially and physically harm consumers.

While working with other leading class action firms in various parts of the country, the attorneys at BRE Law have a successful track record of holding corporations accountable when they harm a group of consumers. The attorneys at BRE Law have served on the leadership committee of a variety of class action cases, including locally focused cases with small groups of class members, as well as large nation-wide cases with millions of class members.

BRE Law’s class action lawyers are actively investigating and prosecuting class actions in state and federal court arising for a variety of illegal conduct and consumer fraud including banking cases involving servicing abuses and violations, financial schemes and frauds, construction and building product defects, deceptive advertising and consumer fraud violations, illegal fee, kickback and backdating schemes, defective firearms, dangerous drugs, automotive defects, unfair competition and antitrust. If you believe that you have been the victim of a scheme or fraud, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.


Our Class Action Cases and Results



BRE Law has served as Lead or Liaison counsel in the following cases:

  • Lead counsel Jon Robinson and Shane Mendenhall recently received preliminary approval for a proposed settlement in a class action brought on behalf of three classes of persons and entities who sustained damages as a result of Defendants’ conduct in operating various oil projects in Clark County, Illinois.
  • $17,500,000 national settlement in a consumer fraud case.
  • Building products case involving defective shingles with a national settlement value of over $36,000,000.
  • National settlement of a banking consumer fraud case valued between $7,500,000 and $44,000,000.
  • National settlement of a banking case involving the failure of a large national bank to comply with the home affordable mortgage program.
  • Multiple consumer fraud class action settlements.

Our Class Action News and Blog

The Illinois Biometric Privacy Act, or BIPA, is an area affecting both employers and employees throughout Illinois. If you have questions about this confusing and ever evolving area of the law, you’ve come to the right place.

A Kansas Jury recently awarded Kansas corn growers nearly $218,000,000 in the Syngenta corn class action lawsuit. Chris Ellis is on the executive committee of the litigation, and the entire team at BRE Law has assisted lead counsel throughout the duration of the litigation to ensure that American farmers cover lost profits.

The class action lawyers at BRE Law are often asked what a class action lawsuit is. Generally, a class action lawsuit normally occurs when a plaintiff, sometimes called a “class representative,” sues a defendant on behalf of a large group of others (“the class”). After the case is filed, courts determine whether the action should…

BRE Law Partner Christopher Ellis recently argued in front of the Illinois Fourth District Court of Appeals on behalf of a major firm client: a local hospital. The Appellate Court agreed with Chris’s arguments, holding that a hospital may assert a lien under the Health Care Services Lien Act, 770 ILCS 23/1 et seq., against…

Over the last couple of years, corn producers across the United States sued Syngenta. Those lawsuits alleged that Syngenta’s premature and irresponsible commercialization and misrepresentations related to the sale of corn seed containing genetic traits MIR 162 (sold as Agrisure Viptera) and Event 5307 (sold as Agrisure Duracade) caused all corn producers who priced U.S….

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