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Navigating the Illinois criminal justice system alone can be scary. If you have been accused of a crime or learned there is a pending investigation, you may need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Nrupa Patel of Bolen Robinson & Ellis, LLP, is here to help. Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney at BRE Law, Nrupa was a Macon County Prosecutor for four years. This valuable experience provided her with the knowledge about how the prosecution will build its case. In addition to this relevant experience, Nrupa can bring knowledge and skill while passionately advocating on your behalf. She is willing to handle cases in Macon County and throughout Central Illinois.

Full service criminal attorney.

Nrupa is capable of representing clients accused of various crimes across Central Illinois, including, but not limited to:

A criminal attorney can help mitigate your punishments.

Getting convicted of a crime in Illinois can be life altering. While a conviction may be avoided by court supervision, convicted individuals may face a variety of punishments, such as:

  • A criminal record – This may appear in background checks on employment applications and other matters.
  • Community service – This can substitute entirely or partially for other judicial remedies and sanctions, such as incarceration or fines.
  • Incarceration – Jail or prison time can be imposed on convicted individuals.
  • Fines – These can be thousands of dollars, and are typically paid to the court.
  • Restitution – When crimes affect other people, judges can order the convicted individual to compensate victims for their losses or injuries.
  • Probation – In some cases, a convicted individual may be ordered to serve a time of probation. This can be imposed after serving a jail sentence or can entirely take the place of incarceration.

In addition to those punishments, there are numerous social and economic consequences that an individual may face if convicted of a crime in Illinois. For example, an individual may be denied a job because of a poor criminal record.

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Contacting an experienced Decatur criminal defense attorney can help mitigate some of those punishments and consequences. Although it is not always possible to anticipate charges, it is often advisable to contact a Decatur criminal attorney before charges are filed. Doing so will allow the lawyer to protect your rights as an investigation unfolds.

If you have been charged with a crime or learn of a pending investigation in Central Illinois, please contact us to schedule a consultation with Nrupa Patel.

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