Drug Possession Lawyer.

If you are charged with drug possession or another type of drug crime, you need to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Former prosecutors turned BRE Law criminal defense attorneys Nrupa Patel and Andrew Wessler are willing and able to speak to you about your case.

Drug crimes have severe consequences.

Illinois has very strict laws against the possession and use of controlled substances, or drugs. A drug possession charge or possession of a controlled substance is not a charge to take lightly. Depending on the drug in question and how much of it you are alleged to have been found with, you can be facing some very serious consequences. Do not risk your future or your freedom by assuming that a drug possession charge is not a big deal.

Collateral consequences of drug crimes: How can a conviction impact your life?

Collateral consequences are the additional legal and social penalties that an individual may face as a result of a drug conviction, beyond the direct sentence imposed by the court. The collateral consequences of a drug conviction can be severe and long-lasting and can impact an individual’s life in several ways. Some of the most common collateral consequences of a drug conviction include:

  • Employment: Individuals with drug convictions may struggle to find employment, particularly in fields that require background checks or a clean criminal record. Some employers may be reluctant to hire individuals with drug convictions, and some states prohibit individuals with drug convictions from working in certain industries, such as healthcare or childcare.
  • Education: Individuals with drug convictions may face difficulty in obtaining financial aid for higher education, which can limit their ability to pursue advanced degrees or career training.
  • Housing: Individuals with drug convictions may face difficulty in obtaining housing, particularly in public housing or subsidized housing, as many housing providers conduct background checks on applicants.
  • Voting: Some states limit voting rights for individuals with drug convictions, which can limit their ability to participate in the democratic process.
  • Professional Licenses: Individuals with drug convictions may face difficulty in obtaining or renewing professional licenses in fields such as medicine, law, and accounting.
  • Immigration: Non-citizens with drug convictions may face deportation or denial of re-entry into the country.

Overall, the collateral consequences of a drug conviction can have a significant impact on an individual’s life and can make it difficult to rebuild and move forward. For all of these reasons, we recommend you get help from an experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney without delay.

Charged with drug possession or another drug crime? Contact BRE Law.

If you or a loved one is facing a drug possession charge or a different type of drug charge, you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side. BRE Law Partners  Courtney AndersonNrupa Patel and Andrew Wessler have a depth of experience representing individuals charged with drug crimes throughout Macon County and the surrounding areas. Contact us for a free consultation.

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