Expungement Lawyer.

Decatur IL criminal defense attorney speaking to other lawyers about expungement law.
Partner Nrupa Patel teaching a CLE on expungement law and other criminal related issues.

Is a criminal record preventing you from obtaining the job you want or getting admitted to a certain school? Are you concerned that your criminal conviction will always stay on your record? If so, you need to contact an expungement lawyer to determine whether you are eligible to have your criminal record expunged.

An expungement is the process of erasing your criminal record from public and private records. If your criminal records are expunged, your record is physically destroyed. This means that an expungement will prevent potential employers and others from finding your past criminal convictions during a background check.

However, there are certain restrictions with expungements. For example, some employers will still require that you disclose past criminal convictions, even if your expungement lawyer has been successful.

What happens if a criminal record cannot be expunged?

Sometimes, a criminal record cannot be expunged. If that occurs, the criminal record might be able to become sealed. When a criminal record is sealed, this means that it is no longer available to employers or other members of the public. It can only be viewed by employers or public members when and if a Judge orders the record to be unsealed. However, a sealed criminal record can still be seen by law enforcement agencies.

Need an expungement lawyer? Contact a former prosecutor.

BRE Law Partner Nrupa Patel is a former prosecutor. Now that she is a criminal defense attorney, she regularly helps clients expunge past criminal convictions. In her capacities as an expungement lawyer, she has served on expungement committees and has advised other lawyers on expungement laws.

If you would like to discuss your criminal record with an expungement lawyer, please contact us to schedule a consultation. For a nominal up-front fee, Nrupa can determine whether you are eligible for an expungement. If you meet the eligibility criteria, she can then help you move forward with having your criminal record expunged.