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FLadoptionSearching for an adoption attorney in Decatur, Illinois? Bolen Robinson & Ellis works to facilitate private adoptions of infants and children, as well as step-parent adoption, grandparent adoption, and other related adoption matters. The attorneys of BRE Law have created a streamlined approach to make matches between birth mothers and firm clients. Through privately facilitated adoptions, we can control the expenses and legal risks clients are exposed to while ensuring the success of the adoption. We have successfully placed infants and children with our clients, and we continue to make placements. The attorneys at BRE Law are competent to work through the roller coaster of emotions and issues that arise during adoptions. Our adoption practice is thriving within our community. Our philosophy is to help families of all types navigate through the complicated process of adoption with skill, compassion, and understanding.

Our adoption services include, but are no limited to:

  • Closed Adoption
  • Open Adoption
  • Co-parent Adoption
  • DCFS Adoption
  • Foster Child Adoption
  • Infant Adoption
  • Related Adoption

Bolen Robinson & Ellis is one of the few central Illinois firms that practices reproductive law, specifically surrogacy. There are two main types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy is done via artificial insemination, with the surrogate using her egg and another man’s sperm. Gestational surrogacy is done via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where fertilized eggs from another woman are implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. Choosing which route to take is one of the most important decisions a surrogate or intended parents through surrogacy will have to make. Our attorneys can help guide you through the process of deciding which alternative is right for you. We work closely with both clients and surrogates from the inception of the decision-making process through birth and after.

Contact our family law attorneys to learn more about adoption or surrogacy services at BRE Law.

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Flannell joins BRE Law after a lengthy career serving as Moultrie County’s Resident Circuit Judge, as well as Chief Judge of the six counties comprising the 6th Judicial Circuit of Illinois.

Fighting for custody of a child can be frustrating and emotionally draining. The experienced child custody lawyers at BRE Law can help. In this post, you will find a few of the common questions our family law attorneys are asked by potential clients.

An Order of Protection is a legal document that provides protection to people that are being abused by family or household members. If you desire to obtain or need to defend an Order of Protection, the experienced family law lawyers at BRE Law can help.

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