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FLguardianshipsDo you need an attorney to assist you with establishing a guardianship for your loved one in Decatur, Illinois? The attorneys of BRE Law provide legal counsel to initiate and navigate the legal process for child/minor guardianship and disabled adult guardianship.

Through guardianship, the court appoints a legal representative to act on behalf of an individual who cannot make their own personal or financial decisions. If your loved one did not take part in estate planning to establish powers of attorney, a guardianship may be the only way to help to protect their personal and financial well-being.

In cases involving children, guardianship allows another individual to make legal decisions when a parent is unable or unwilling to do so.

The guardianship process is complicated and takes time. Let the guardianship attorneys at BRE law provide you with legal guidance and support. Complete the form below to setup a consultation.

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An Order of Protection is a legal document that provides protection to people that are being abused by family or household members. If you desire to obtain or need to defend an Order of Protection, the experienced family law lawyers at BRE Law can help.

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Illinois recently changed how child support is calculated. The new Income Shares Model for determining Illinois child support may affect you or your child. Please click here to read more, or contact BRE Law’s experienced family law attorneys to discuss this new formula.

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