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Premises liability occurs when a visitor or tenant suffers a personal injury while on property owned by another person or entity. In Illinois, the owner of a property, which may be either an individual or a business, is generally responsible for providing a safe environment for any guests. The experienced lawyers at Bolen Robinson & Ellis understand how premises liability works, and our attorneys are committed to ensuring that those injured on the premise of another obtain the results they deserve.

About Premises Liability

There are many different ways an individual can suffer an injury while on another party’s property. Often, these injures are caused by:

  • Slip and fall accidents – This type of accident is extremely common, and can be caused by improperly maintained stairways or walkways.
  • Attacks by animals – Sometimes, property owners have animals on their property that attack others.
  • Exposure to hazardous or toxic substances – This type of accident may include exposure to dangerous toxic materials such as lead, mold, asbestos, or unsanitary conditions that can result in health issues.
  • Drowning accidents – Drowning can occur in hot tubs or pool areas, and are often caused by the failure of a property owner to keep the pool or hot tub closed off from the public while the pool or hot tub area is unsupervised.
  • Fire and burn accidents – Fires are dangerous, and property owners should take reasonable steps to prevent guests from suffering burn injuries.
  • Inadequate security – Bars, taverns, and other locations generally have a duty to protect their patrons from harm. Sometimes, the individuals tasked with protecting patrons perform their jobs poorly, resulting in injuries to guests.

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Victims injured on the property of another person or entity often suffer the burden of large expenses, including hospital bills, medical treatment and medication, childcare, loss of personal time with loved ones, missed time from work, and even death. A successful premises liability claim can reimburse victims for those expenses.

Bolen Robinson & Ellis is committed to ensuring that premises liability victims obtain the results that they deserve. If you or a family member has suffered a personal injury while on property owned by another person or entity, please contact us for a free consultation.

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