Lawyers Jon Robinson & Chris Ellis holding a Remington 700 Rifle.

We’re pleased to announce that a landmark class action settlement involving some of Remington’s most iconic firearms is now official. Managing Partners Jon Robinson and Chris Ellis served on the leadership team of the litigation.

The class action lawsuit alleged that some Remington firearms – including the legendary Model 700 Rifle – can accidentally discharge without the trigger being pulled because of a defective trigger design. The firearms covered by the settlement have been linked to lawsuits in dozens of accidental deaths, as well as hundreds of serious injuries.

As a result of the settlement, owners of covered firearms have 18 months to file a claim for a free replacement of the allegedly defective triggers. Claims can be made through the settlement website:

The settlement only covers economic losses from ownership of the allegedly defective guns. Any potential personal injury or wrongful death claims related to the allegedly defective triggers may still be pursued.

We encourage anyone with a Remington firearm to check the settlement website to see if your Remington rifle is covered. It is well worth your time to submit a claim to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone you may come in contact with while carrying one of the covered firearms.

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