BRE Law's Day on Lake Decatur

Person Falling off Tube on Lake

Yesterday afternoon, the BRE Law team enjoyed a day of boating on beautiful Lake Decatur. A welcome, albeit brief, retreat from the office, spending an afternoon together was a fantastic way for everyone to relax since the attorneys at BRE Law genuinely like one another and see each team member as an extended part of their own families.

While most BRE Law members simply enjoyed relaxing on the boat, a couple brave souls decided to try their luck tubing. This, as you can see on the left, went about as well as you might imagine. Fortunately, while those individuals sustained some general soreness and bruising, major injuries were avoided.

Water Safety Tips

Far too often, individuals that engage in water sports are not lucky enough to avoid injuries. Some of those injuries can be prevented by actively taking simple precautions, and remembering the following water safety tips may help you avoid a serious injury if you enjoy water sports:

  1. Be Able to Swim – Having the ability to swim is probably the most important water safety rule, as this ability will make you feel more confident and comfortable in the water. Learning to swim is important for both children and adults, and nobody is “too old” to learn how!
  2. Never Be Alone – Although it is not unusual for individuals to go out on the water alone, it is a better idea to do so with a buddy. Not to mention, bringing along a friend or family member can make the activity more enjoyable. If you do go alone, at least tell someone where you are going and how long you plan to be gone. Someone should always know where you are.
  3. Wear a Life Jacket – Life jackets do not automatically make you safe. But, they can save your life.
  4. Remain Aware – Weather, water levels, nearby boats, and other individuals engaging in water activities can all pose threats to you. It is important to be aware of those surroundings for both your own safety and the safety of others.
  5. Be Smart – If you are drinking alcohol or are with people that have been drinking, you should not participate in a water-related activity. Many injuries are at least indirectly fueled by alcohol, so alcohol and water sports should not be mixed. And please, never drive a boat or watercraft while drinking.

Just as we were able to do yesterday, all of us at BRE Law hope these few tips can help you and your family enjoy a fun, safe, and healthy summer on the lake! While we all hope you stay safe and injury free, we are here to help in the event you or your loved one sustains an injury on the water.

Speedboat on a lake

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Published: July 25, 2017

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