In an auto accident? Remembering these steps may help!

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Perhaps the most common question our experienced personal injury attorneys at Bolen Robinson & Ellis receive from auto accident victims at the initial consultation is: “What should I have done?”

Each auto accident is unique, and answering that question depends on a variety of factors. But generally speaking, adhering to the following steps may protect your interests after an auto accident:

  1. Take a deep breath and stay calm – Car crashes happen, and it is important to stay calm and check for injuries to yourself and your passengers.
  2. Stay at the scene – In most cases, you should not leave the scene of an auto accident. This holds true even if the crash is a minor one. While waiting, you can help prevent further accidents by keeping your flashers on.
  3. Call the police – Even if your auto accident does not result in serious injuries, you should call the police. Calling the police is important because you may need a police report to file a claim with your insurance company, even if the claim is simply for damage to your vehicle.
  4. Be accurate when speaking to the police – In most car crashes, the police will arrive shortly after they are called. When speaking to the police, you should tell them what happened. You should not guess and certainly should not lie if you are unsure of certain facts.
  5. Take pictures – If it is safe to do so, it is advisable to take pictures of the vehicles involved in the crash. While taking pictures, it is important to not interfere with the police investigation. If you have visible physical injuries, you should photograph those as well.
  6. Report the accident – Many insurance policies contain provisions mandating immediate reporting, so you should report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. But keep in mind that while insurance companies may represent you, they also act in their own interest. It is advisable to not give a recorded statement to the insurance provider.
  7. Seek medical attention – Injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents sometimes are not immediately visible. In fact, many of our car accident victim clients report pain in the days following accidents, even if no pain was felt shortly after the accident. Therefore, unless you are absolutely sure that you were not injured in the auto crash, you should seek medical attention.
  8. Accurately keep your records – Maintaining all information stemming from the car accident is important for many reasons. If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim against the other driver involved in the auto accident, these records are imperative.

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Victims of car accidents often suffer the burden of large expenses, including hospital bills, medical treatment and medication, childcare, loss of personal time with loved ones, and missed time from work. A successful personal injury claim can reimburse victims for those expenses.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Bolen Robinson & Ellis are committed to ensuring that traffic accident victims obtain the results that they deserve. If you or your loved one has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, please contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers.

Published June 19, 2017

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